Xutos & pontapés - grandes êxitos

Current members are most of the original line up Tim (bass/ vocals), João Cabeleira (guitar – since 1983), Kalú (drums/ backing vocals) and Gui (sax/ backing vocals). Fans refer to the band as Xutos; and Xutos is pronounced 'shootoosh'. Both 'xutos' and 'pontapés' are words in reference to types of kicks, but with a twist because the first word when spelled "Chutos" is referred for kick on a ball or object, but here used as "'xutos", slang for heroin injection, while 'pontapés' for kicks mainly on people.

In popular music, there is a significant number of popular genres. These include rock , with popular acts including Xutos & Pontapés , The Gift (alternative rock), Fingertips (pop rock), Blasted Mechanism (experimental electro-rock) and Wraygunn (rock, blues). Also hip-hop , with acts such as Da Weasel , Boss AC and Sam the Kid . Acts such as Moonspell ( metal ) and Buraka Som Sistema ( electro / kuduro / breakbeat ) have had significant international success. Other popular modern genres in Portugal include dance , house , kizomba , pimba , pop , reggae , ska and zouk .

Xutos & Pontapés - Grandes ÊxitosXutos & Pontapés - Grandes ÊxitosXutos & Pontapés - Grandes ÊxitosXutos & Pontapés - Grandes Êxitos