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In her introduction, Thorel-Cailleteau draws inspiration from the Traité de l’origine des romans (1670) in which Pierre-Daniel Huet finds the origins of the novelistic genre in the fourth book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses where the sacred is rejected in favour of the ordinary. Of particular interest is also the familiar, conversational tone implied in the recounting of the various tales by the weaving daughters of Minyas, an orality which wanes as the novel evolves. In the telling of a tale, there is the expectation that the story will be retold and live on; it will be woven and forever sung, just as any work written in verse. In the prose of the novel, by contrast, no such divine infinity can be attained; it is the human finite which rules the genre. Neither uttering nor hearing the voice of the gods, the novelist must draw his inspiration from his own imperfection and from that of his surroundings. The resulting work bears a void of sorts which the reader, himself alone and imperfect, must work to fill.

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The plan is the following: Vautrin and Lucien are 60,000 francs in debt because of the lifestyle that Lucien has had to maintain. They also need one million francs to buy the old Rubempré land back, so that Lucien can marry Clotilde, the rich but ugly daughter of the Grandlieu's. Esther will be the tool they use to get as much money as possible out of the impossibly rich Nucingen. Things don't work out as smoothly as Vautrin would have liked, however, because Esther commits suicide after giving herself to Nucingen for the first and only time (after making him wait for months). Since the police have already been suspicious of Vautrin and Lucien, they arrest the two on suspicion of murder over the suicide. This turn of events is particularly tragic because it turns out that only hours before, Esther had actually inherited a huge amount of money from an estranged family member. If only she had held on, she could have married Lucien herself.

Various - Splendeurs De La Phase 4Various - Splendeurs De La Phase 4Various - Splendeurs De La Phase 4Various - Splendeurs De La Phase 4