Hot cold - love is like a game

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Eventually Nancy sought counseling and within a year she felt strong enough to leave James. He had other ideas. The first time Nancy brought up the subject of divorce he laughed at her. Then he threatened her verbally. The day she presented him with divorce papers he beat her so badly she had to go to the hospital. It seems that despite his lack of love and respect for Nancy, James was addicted to her and the relationship they shared. He also felt that if he couldn't have her nobody else could. When Nancy finally left, James stalked her for months and threatened to kill her if she didn't come back. The roles were now reversed. James was running hot and Nancy was running cold.

Of course it is fake, Bob 🙂 You should not take everything too seriously, it is just type of writing I chose for this particular blog post, the main point is the content…

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I'm not even a religious person, like not at all, but it just makes sense that evil people are punished to spend eternity living in a constant state of perspiration.

cold comfort = a small piece of good news which doesn't make much difference to a bad situation: "Sales reductions of 50% are cold comfort if you don't have any money to go shopping!"

Hot Cold - Love Is Like A GameHot Cold - Love Is Like A GameHot Cold - Love Is Like A GameHot Cold - Love Is Like A Game