The anita kerr singers - anita kerr's christmas story

In 1972, Kerr wrote—and MCA Music published—a 103-page book (accompanied by five 45rpm records) called VOICES. With Complete Recorded Examples . That same year, the Anita Kerr Singers recorded two LPs for Philips and Kerr scored and conducted original music for the motion picture soundtrack to Limbo , [6] a drama starring Kate Jackson . During the early 1970s, Kerr also made numerous personal appearances on television in the Netherlands . In 1974, Kerr began a five-year professional relationship with Word Records . In addition to recording four gospel albums with the Singers, Kerr arranged and produced a series of Hallelujah... instrumental albums for Word . She received Grammy nominations twice for her Word inspirational recordings. [ citation needed ]

Jack Miller: A WCFL Retrospective, August 1979 (29:20) ... Draper had the concept of radio being theatre ... [Description by Uncle Ricky] On June 12, 1979, the Chicago Federation of Labor sold WCFL , the only radio station in the world ever owned by organized labor, to The Mutual Broadcasting System . In August of 1979, Jack Miller produced this 30 minute retrospective which focuses on the programming and personalities on "Big 10" between 1964 and and 1976, when the format changed to beautiful music. Jingles, airchecks and interviews from Jim Stagg , Dick Orkin , Joel Sebastian , Ron Brittian , Larry Lujack and veteran newsman Howie Roberts are featured. You'll also hear a Capsule Countdown from 1967 in this excellent and all-too-short tribute to the great Top 40 years of The Voice of Labor. Return to the Repository
Jack Armstrong, KFI, 1980 (8:23) ... If you remember those, then you're probably about my age, and I'll get to the Social Security information for us in just a second ... [Description by John Rook ] Jack Armstrong - The All American Boy . I remember first hearing Jack on WKBW Buffalo, ., and WIXY , Cleveland, OH., in the early 1960's. I was most pleased when Jack agreed to do afternoon drive at KFI in the early 1980's. Jack Armstrong passed away March 22, 2008 at his home in North Carolina.

"not to cast ‘singers’: anything that sounded more professional would inevitably sound more experienced, and then the ‘kid’ quality would be gone."

I became a Christian soon after high school. I was voracious for powerful, truth-driven, anointed Jesus music. While I happily discovered wonderful older songs by Love Song, Chuck Girard, Phil Keaggy, Kelly Willard, Nancy Honeytree, Don Francisco, Dogwood, and others; the newer music of Keith Green, Harvest, Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and others provided rocket fuel for my newfound devotion to Christ. Thank you, Harvest — everyone who made it happen — and especially you songwriters and singers, Jerry and Ed. Your music was such a God-given blessing to me that words can’t express it. Thank you.

He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake,
since for him the spinal cord would suffice.
(Albert Einstein)

Another record by Helms was "Schoolboy Crush", which was a hit in the UK. It was released in the USA on June 23, 1958 on Decca. The same song was then covered by UK teen star Cliff Richard about the same time as the UK release.

The Anita Kerr Singers - Anita Kerr's Christmas StoryThe Anita Kerr Singers - Anita Kerr's Christmas StoryThe Anita Kerr Singers - Anita Kerr's Christmas StoryThe Anita Kerr Singers - Anita Kerr's Christmas Story