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But on Thursday, as France’s first couple welcomed Trump and wife Melania to Paris, the two leaders shared a simple, firm handshake — and it was Brigitte Macron who got caught in Trump’s now infamous “grab and yank” power grip.

The saint has the same name as the goddess Brigid , derived from the Proto-Celtic * Brigantī "high, exalted" and ultimately originating with Proto-Indo-European * bʰerǵʰ- . In Old Irish her name was spelled Brigit and pronounced [ˈbʲrʲiɣʲidʲ] . In Modern Irish she is called Bríd . In Welsh she is called Ffraid ( lenited to Fraid ), as in several places called Llansanffraid , "St Brigit's church"). She is sometimes referred to as "the Mary of the Gael".

Her remark has sparked controversy online, with many Twitter users condemning the actress, and some even suggesting that she has personal issues.

Brigithe - Get Down TonightBrigithe - Get Down TonightBrigithe - Get Down TonightBrigithe - Get Down Tonight