Various - on shaky ground

Since then, there have been many variations and extensions on this basic definition. Many argue that sustainability has been hijacked and twisted to suit government and business that really want to continue with business as usual.

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The Shock. CAUTION: This is one electrical problem NOT to observe yourself, at least not by using your body directly. I recommend a neon tester to check metal for hotness. For this sort of ground-fault, two strategies are possible. One is to leave the ungrounded fault in place and locate it first, grounding things better later. The other is to provide a good ground to the thing that delivered the shock. This will probably create a breaker-tripping short, and then you can deal with it as a Short . Though it feels less safe and I have to be more careful about myself, I find it more efficient to use the first strategy. You should attempt what is safe in your judgment, according to your knowledge. I once had to hunt for a shock condition which had energized all the metal-sheathed cables, all the pipes, and all the ductwork throughout a house and its basement.

Various - On Shaky GroundVarious - On Shaky GroundVarious - On Shaky GroundVarious - On Shaky Ground